3 Modern DJ Turntables For Beginners


Buying turntable can be difficult. You have endless options, the features are many and the price range is also vast. For a beginner, the task of buying a good timetable can be challenging. Here are some of the best turntables for the beginners.

Reloop – RP7000 Direct Drive Turntable

This turntable is best for record—based DJing. The turntable features both phono level and line level. It can directly be connected to mixers, inputs or amplifiers. There is additional pitch control. It has a stylish metallic finish. The dual start/stop buttons are perfect for club configuration. It has an S-shaped tone arm design.

Audio Technica AT-LP1240 USB

It has a built in preamp and USB port. This lets you convert your record collection into digital format. This turntable is adaptable. The start/stop buttons are situated on the left corners which makes the DJ’s job easier. The ports are on the back, so you can diconnect them altogether. This turntable is sturdy and flexible.

Stanton ST150

This turntable has all the features that club DJs require. It has adjustable height and a standard S-shaped tone arm. It also has counter weight and anti-skate options. The headshell is detachable. It has 680HP cartridges so that you can move to mixing session directly. You can disconnect all your sockets and cables and thus easily transport it from one place to another. This turntable has a digital output from which you can plug it straight to your computer sound card. It has excellent audio reproduction quality and you will be satisfied with its performance.

As a beginner, you might get confused when buying a turntable. The turntables just mentioned have received very good reviews throughout the years and you can buy one of these to start your career as a DJ.


4 Amazing Headphones You Can Buy Today For Less Than £50


DJ headphones have a flatter response than a normal headphone that you use in your mobile. DJ headphones have thick lows and defined highs. With DJ headphones, DJs can hear music accurately. You can get some good quality headphones for less than 50 pounds. Here are the recommended ones.

1) Audio-Technica ATH-M20x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones

These headphones are made of high quality materials to give you a comfortable listening experience. They provide sound isolation. They provide strong mid-range definition, detailed audio and versatile monitoring. They are designed for studio tracking and mixing. They can be used for field recording as well.

2) Superlux HD 661 Closed-Back Studio Monitoring / Mixing Headphones

These headphones provide very good value for money. These have closed back design and offer passive noise isolation, powerful bass and very well tuned mids and highs.

3) Sennheiser HD201 Lightweight Over-Ear Binaural Headphones

These headphones provide great clarity and powerful stereo sound. They are also very comfortable and affordable. They provide crisp bass response.

4) Koss TD85 Full-Size Stereophone

These are very high quality studio headphones providing high quality stereo sound. They are lightweight and durable. These headphones are perfect for commercial, professional or home use. Their copper voice coils improve the transmission of signals.

These headphones are very affordable and have very high quality performance. Headphones are an integral part of a DJ’s workstation. But you don’t need to spend too much to get a pair of good headphones. When you buy headphones you should consider the comfort element. If it doesn’t fit you properly then you won’t be able to work with it.

How To Build Your Own Home Recording Studio


Building your home recording studio is the best way to practice your music. Building a home studio takes some preparation, research and planning. You need some basic equipment to make up your studio. These are mentioned below.

A computer

Computer is the largest investment for building a home studio. It is better to get the fastest and latest computer. Allocate a good budget for your computer.

Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) / Audio Interface Combo

The DAW is the software that is used to edit, record and mix music on the computer. An audio interface is the hardware which connects the computer with the rest of the device. You can buy the DAW and audio interface separately or as a combo. Buying a combo is cheaper than buying these gears separately.


Microphone is an important part of home studio. Over the years you will have many microphones, but as your first microphone you should buy something that would last you for a long time.


Two types of headphones are required for a studio. You need a closed back headphone for tracking. This offers maximum isolation, but the sound quality will not be that good. You also need an open back headphone for mixing. This provides less isolation but excellent sound quality.

Studio monitors

Some people prefer mixing using studio monitors instead of open back headphones. Studio monitors have a flat frequency response.

XLR cables

You need one long XLR cable for the microphone and two short cables for the monitors. You can get XLR cables of various prices in the market.

A Mic Stand

You can get cheap mics in the market. But you should buy a good one because mic stand is very important and its quality must be good.

All these equipment will give you your first home studio. Later, you can replace the equipment with more modern and expensive equipment to make the studio even better.